Step-Free, Dynamic Seating

The human body.
The measure of all things.

Cyclists change their seating position depending on the stress level and riding duration, to biomechanically optimize pedaling and reduce the saddle pressure intuitively.


As a result, the step-free Terry saddles are designed for dynamic seating. The unique step-free, anatomical shape follows the natural position of the sit-bones while in their movement pattern. It ensures an optimal pressure distribution in every seating position.


Terry scientifically analyzes the body regions, pressure sensitivity and pain. This inspired our experts to develop the Terry 3-Zone Comfort Principle. The pressure created by the weight of the upper body is distributed to the body regions diminishing saddle discomfort. The saddle comfort while cycling is noticeably improved.

The difference in the position of the sit-bones in the urogenital area respectively requires gender-specific saddle ergonomics.

  1. Maximum pressure relief in the urogenital areas from the pronounced relief channel.
  2. Additional pressure relief: Gentle transition minimizes pressure points.
  3. Optimal pressure distribution in any situation.